Baby & You  Salve
Baby & You  Salve
Baby & You  Salve
Baby & You  Salve

Baby & You Salve

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This super moisturizing and healing salve was designed especially for baby, but with Mommy and the whole family in mind too.

The deep moisturizing effects of shea butter and cocoa butter combined with a powerful combination of medicinal herbs create this multi-purpose salve. Use it for diaper rash, dry skin, cracked nipples, stretch marks and intense, lasting moisture.

Calendula is a super powerful healer for any kind of skin irritation such as redness, bumps, rashes. It's also well known for aiding in pain relief and being an anti inflammatory.

Comfrey helps wounds to heal quicker and is great for burns, blisters, broken bones (including fragile nails) and is also a powerful anti inflammatory agent. Comfrey also has a soothing effect on any organ it comes into contact with.

St. John's Wort is also another powerful healer, commonly used for burns, wounds, bruises, sores, insect bites and fungal infections.

Chamomile is most well-known for its' calming properties and is often used for tummy soothing, immune boosting, wound healing, anxiety relief and skin irritation or redness as well.

Lavender is calming and extremely soothing to the nervous system, it reduces pain and is used frequently in aromatherapy to help with anxiety and emotional imbalances. Along with it's relaxing properties it's also a natural antibacterial, antifungal and anti inflammatory.

Rosemary, apart from being great in a lot foods is also an antioxidant powerhouse that is naturally an antiseptic and reduces skin damage caused by free radicals.

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