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Sun Water Energy Mist

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This mist has a fresh citrusy and earthy scent that helps give you a boost of energy and mental clarity. We love to close our eyes, take a deep breath and spray this energizing mist directly on our faces for a quick pick-me-up. This spray is also great to use on your face masks, on your pillow, in your car, your office or bedroom to improve your mood.

Alkaline water with clear quartz crystals are charged under the full sun for 12 hours with fresh rose petals and then infused with essential oils of Rosemary, Sweet Orange and Lavender.

Rosemary helps boost your attention, energy levels and overall mood while enhancing the quality of memory and mental awareness.

Sweet Orange helps to reduce stress and fatigue while promoting mental clarity.

Lavender, while known mostly for it's calming properties has also been shown to uplift spirits by stimulating circulation in your body.

Give this mist a few sprays and feel the energy of the sun, the quartz crystals and our intentions... helping you with concentration, unlocking memory problems while harmonizing your chakras and aligning subtle bodies.